Welcome to the port elizabeth camera club

Our aims are to improve individual creativity and expertise.


The port elizabeth camera club is the oldest photography club in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth. Our interests lie in the art and science of photography. Our aims are to improve individual creativity and expertise and to share photographic pleasures and knowledge with others.

We have much to offer – photographic knowledge and assistance, practical workshops, participation in local and international competitions and exhibitions, affiliation to PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) our parent body – all within congenial and sociable atmosphere. As a member of the PECC, we know that your photography will improve and that you will have an enjoyable time.

Visit us regularly! It will take time to get to know the many people at the Club, and getting to know the other members is the surest way of establishing yourself and participating wholeheartedly in the Port Elizabeth Camera Club.

PECC is associated with Cape Photographers and as a member of PECC you are automatically a member of Cape Photographers.

A photo of some of the members of the port elizabeth camera club

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